Monday, June 12, 2006


The beginnings of technology adoption bring together wide groups of interested parties. This is a good thing. And a serious challenge for organizers of events such as vloggercon in San Francisco (2006).

I missed day one of the show but heard terrible things about missing the mark for attendees from respectable tech people who had attended. I hoped for the best and went for day two anyhow.

My conclusions were that a clear perforation should have been made between technology and consumer attendees. The technologists were bored. The newbies were asking for help. Hands-on, tutorial style help so that they could learn to vlog. Rather, there was far too much social stroking and talking about "What an important thing called vlogging is, man," and how It's hippy dippy community, man"We all need to join arms and make a big happy people fence" like that old Coca Cola commerical. There were questions from the panelists like "Why do you vlog?", "What it is that you are passionate about?", "Why do you mashup?", "What does it all mean?".

Why, why, why? But people really wanted to know how, how, how! The why is a given and there are too many whys. Wonderful whys. But we are the leaders here. We are a bit short of evangelizing, we should be organizing. Concentrate on the how, we are low on how. The Learning Center helps both (wow!) and they also have the best I've seen compiled for usable, mashable media. Marc Canter and Lasica are brilliant. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have created. Give me the how and I'll show you what it can mean. Yes, we can put together digital scrapbooks and they will be touching, generations beyond us will thankfully enjoy and expand them. But there are seriously impactful social, educational and political changes to be made and vlogging is going to enable us all to move to the next level.

Politics and congresspeople are a joke to almost everyone I know. Friends on both sides of the fence (and underneath it) who feel passionately about legislation and civic management don't even vote. Schools are lagging in technology. There are too many dating sites and not enough services concentrated on different, and more important types of social interaction or global improvement. We need to take our eye off the ball and focus on the field.

In my client's office this morning I received a call from KRON4 inviting me to a seminar about effective advertising. He said that he'd like to discuss with me how businesses are making the most of TV outdoor and radio ads. I asked him if he was going to talk about vlogging. "About what?" he said. In 6 months time, that will not be the response from a TV station. In another 6 months, the same curiosity and transition that that journalists are making into and around blogging will be what major label broadcast TV guys (and gals) will be doing too. And vloggercon will become more on target. I hope to see some more focused vlogging meetups on the local level, whereby we can really grow the medium.

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