Friday, June 09, 2006

Video bullies

"The net neutrality crowd calls this nonsense and argues that setting up a fast lane on the Internet will only wreck its open and democratic character."

That's from Jessica Holzer's recent read from, an article about the 135-page bill in legislation right now to allow telcos the ability to deliver video in ways the rest of us won't be able to (yet). Don't worry. It won't be like that forever.Toshiba's HDD video camera

"The defeat of the amendment, on a 269-151 vote that fell largely along party lines, more or less dashes the hopes of a big coalition of Internet companies and Democratic groups that strict "network neutrality" regulations will become law this year, since such legislation has only slightly better odds of passing the Republican Senate."

You can hear JD Lasica's comments on net neutrality during NPR's All Things Considered, aired yesterday.

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