Friday, June 09, 2006

Social network aggregator, a lot of dimes

Where is the aggregate social network, for Pete's sake!

Not so long ago, I talked with John Merrells from sxip about unified registration and the compilation of user identities across the digital land but surely right behind that is the need to also aggregate other personal and professional information contained within the deeply specific preferences and data contained in social network services. I was so excited to see GoingOn get it on, and out and public, but when I come to the site, and few people are actually there or participating yet -- we must assume they are reading blogs from their various readers, writing their own blogs from their various blog publishing platforms, doing their 9 to 5 thing but not at, as the name leads us to want, "Always"-- and not at the same time, "On."

Where is the social network aggregator? I log in once, it has multi access like individual systems do, but it's multi-system. I 'm abreast to the changes in blog and media postings, new users, comments and users hanging out I could chat with. Some people can see me, sometimes, others have full access to the Lisa. It could be called "SocialEyes. See or be seen." playing lightly on the growing vlogging community. It would be multi-platform and totally customizable. Trillian-like. Rich like Flickr. Easy like Skype. Open like Socialtext. Come on, give me what we want. Or do I have to make it myself just to save myself from the little game I play? The game is, "how fast can I (remember) and then type my login for any given site."

I only have 5 or 6 passwords, sometimes I have to type them all. If I had a dime for each login I actively use, even. And as for filling out profiles, if I had a dime for each one of those I've done and another dime for how many of those are not updated because my address or preferences have changed, well that's a lot of dimes. Not only don't I have those dimes, but I'm losing dimes every minute I have to spend logging in or creating and editing profiles. And I have to choose who to hang out around. Why do I have to choose? If I'm missing some technology that solves this problem, please send me a comment. I will send a dime in return.


Moataz said...

Hi Lisa,

We just finished work on what we feel is a "social network aggregator" (in fact, we used that exact phrase to describe when we first came up with the idea). It's called Iceflake and it brings you stuff your friends create from popular social networks like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Delicious, Blogger, and many others. Is this what you have in mind?

Check out the site and feel free to reply to this comment on our blog.

lisa padilla said...

Step in the right direction. When you say 'brings you stuff', is that via RSS? Or do I come to your site to see all my friends stuff? What does it look like when I have 70 friends?


Harrison said...

I think this is what you are looking for:

Spokeo combines all your friends' content from MySpace, Xanga, Youtube, Flickr, LiveJournal, and 20 other social networks. It's not really a social network, but a multi-media RSS reader. Check it out :)