Thursday, April 01, 2010

Digital lifestyle snapshot survey

Read this if:

1. you are a blogger, or micro-blogger, you use social media like Facebook, you Tube, Twitter, Posterous, Wordpress, or other Web 2.0 companies with overly cute names,

2. you found yourself at a dead end or limit within your blogging or media distribution software service, or

3. you know your business goal but can't find a way to reach it using the tools you have now.

I would like your thoughts for an upcoming project that will adress as many of these issues as we can, empowering businesses of any size, from 1-person to hundred, take advantage of the real-time web, and give you a set of tools that make doing business easier, period.

A. What do you wish your blogging platform, or service, did for you today?

B. What's missing in terms or tools or features?

C. Is social media working for you? Are you using it? Is it included in your blog or on your web site?

D. What's the biggest challenge you face: marketing, community management, customer relationship management, employee relations?

Love to hear your thoughts! I have already heard some great ideas from readers, and would love yours. Please add them via comments or email me directly lisa at lisa dot io.