Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pitch Me, Please

I signed up for a rash of unconferences last month, v/bloggercon, UTR, Barcamp SF and others. I love the people who come to these conferences, fewer ties and more people from different walks of life; a better respresentation of the "users". And while some of the commercializing gets out of control, I still believe that the capitalists and organization drivers are in the right place to move their products. They are gauging response with people who have time and inclination to try their products, getting direct feedback and finding partners, distributors and customers for mostly all of the right reasons.

There has been an argument posed that the unconference is for the users, not for the companies. But, as a user, let me be hardly the first to say that I want to learn about the companies, their technology and how I can use their products (email me here if you want to show me your stuff). I want to see it. I do. I'll use your pen or wear your t-shirt too, technology is cool. What about a "Pitch Me" conference? It'd be the ununconference. One in which we support this movement we're all part of, and lucky to be part of.

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david parmet said...

It would certainly make life less misserable for us marketing folks....