Saturday, July 28, 2007

Aloha Lisacast

Filming on Maui

Join me tomorrow at 10 am PST (or download the podcast later) for Evern Williams and Dr. Lynette Cruz, broadcasting with me live on Williams is the community media manager at Olelo television in Honolulu, HI and Dr. Cruz is a cultural anthropology professor and public access activist.

I have my own ties to this part of the world having lived for a time on Oahu. I first learned about co-located server infrastructures on the first ISP on the islands. The gentleman I worked for, an engineer, taught me about data storage, security and the business of moving information. This was the foundation for my subsequent interest in media management and publishing. and the changes we've seen for more than a decade surrounding our romance with all things digital. I also held other odd but interesting jobs and had the best meal of my life to date, right there in downtown Honolulu. The name of the restaurant is Chef Mavro, by the way.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tris and Jim launch The Mediasphere Show

My boss Alan Levy of BlogTalkRadio and I had a great time talking with Jim Turner and Tris Hussey on their new talk show today, The Mediasphere Show.

Their site,, discusses social media. Humble and inquisitive, these podcasters gone broadcast are a fine addition to the BlogTalkRadio network -- welcome!

You can hear the show in archive here.

Our discussion touched on BlogTalkRadio's role in the new media realm which was a good follow-up to the Future of Blogging panel I was on at NBC11 last week with PodTech and BlogHer. Some great questions came from the audience on community policies and supporting blogging within the enterprise. Speaking of new media, user-generated broadcasts and such...NBC11 just launched, a local reader-contributed news site. Very cool. Big media steps its toe in the pool of democratized content. A lot more of this is coming as the tools to broadcast, podcast and videocast are made more available to everyday people.

As Jim mentioned on the show, you don't need to be technical to have your own broadcast these days.

-Lisa Padilla
"Prodcaster" of Lisacast, a BlogTalkRadio show

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Future of blogging" at the Social Media Club

If you're in the Bay Area and you haven't attended a Social Media Club event yet, this might be the one. I'll be on a panel with Elisa Camahort, Tony Bove and Jeremy Owyang discussing the future of blogging. If you missed it you can catch a slightly less than high-quality video Jeremiah took here.

Ever wonder how you can use a blog? Whether you're reading them, writing them, or aggregating them, blogs are a powerful communication channel that should be part of your media mix. This panel of 3-4 blog experts looks at blogs from a number of angles. We'll cover:

-> Mining the blogosphere for market intelligence
-> External enterprise blogs
-> Internal enterprise blogs
-> Aggregating blogs
-> The future of blogs

Thursday, July 12, 2007

6:00 pm PT - 8:00 pm PT

2450 N. First Street
San Jose, 95131
Register here if you can make it.