Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh My, Look How Journalism is Changing

2nd Annual OhmyNews International Citizen Journalism Forum 2006

Beautiful live webcast, by the way.

In this 20-country representated conference, Craig Newmark is currently speaking following up Dan Gillmor's opening keynote.

Mr. Gillmor talked about citizen journalism and how it's not just blogs, not just technology.

“Technology is the least important aspect”
He says it’s about journalism (i.e. thoroughness, accuracy, independence and transparency), those components are more important.

What's coming? Gillmor says "The Daily Me." My news the way I want it assembled. The wisdom of crowds. Getting together and producing results that teach everyone.

Not just hardware, he adds. It’s the software too. The alphabet soup...RSS, OPML, API, etc. Technologys enabling mashups and so on.

He also suggests a journalism project using maps where he suggests that we ask people in the communities to put on these maps the problems that exist with the community or city infrastructure (such as potholes or broken traffic lights).

Citizens can tell people who can do something about it, what’s wrong. Nice idea.

Let's see what else the conference has to offer...

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