Tuesday, July 25, 2006

15 million hours of fame

Ed Leonard, CTO of DreamWorks, is on stage talking about making CG animated films, stating that generally over 200 people work on a film like this. The 1500 scenes in Over the Hedge took the equivalent of 15 million man hours.

If I tried to convince my 10-year old that I'm "at work" this evening, I'd have a hard time selling it. We're watching clips from the cartoon, listening to the process of story telling and creation of characters. She'll benefit from those 15 million hours like many of us, for much of her life to come. She might pay for it, but she'll only pay for it once.

The summary of those companies who were granted the AO100 status was made with one word: Consumer. That sounds like the result of what investors have been saying to those running such companies, "Where's the revenue?" Enterprise targets, even prosumers are ok, but they need to be 'sumers of some sort. The money must change hands. Up and coming companies are rightfully excited about the large member audiences they've been gathering because they might translate into revenue. The next question might to evaluate how the younger, most-fully adopting audience, spends.

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