Monday, November 23, 2009

My company 24/7 on every device

Earlier than projected, BNO News launched news wire service focused on "providing comprehensive breaking news coverage to news media companies around the world." will be the first of the service's new clients.

This is a telling step in the direction of what are critical media and newspaper organizations transforming themselves into a new type of news reporting. This is one that will ultimately be more accurate and comprehensive, but that will bring it's own challenges, yet the information dissemination, democratic involvement and the anticipatory services that will begin to surface will unwrap a significant communications shift, and subsequently, a multitude of world and cultural views and interaction changes.

BNO and many others are helping build in this direction. You can follow them at @BreakingNews on Twitter and through their iPhone application (BNO Breaking News). The service puts together Twitter updates and headlines from other sources, "up-to-the-second".

“News consumers increasingly demand a variety of sources and viewpoints, even while they expect information to find them whenever and wherever they want it,” said Jennifer Sizemore, Editor-in-Chief. With recently becoming BNO News’ first client, the company is now in talks with other publishers. “BNO News...will also offer local content to local media outlets in the United States.”

On the top of every media company executive's Christmas list?

1) Ways to stave off member attrition (at at low expense)
2) Ways to incorporate efficient advertising models (that work in the new world of peer-based recommendations, reputation, curation, filtering and lest SuperTweets)
3) Ways to take advantage of Web 2.0, light-step technology (without the burden of dealing with companies or technology that becomes obsolete)
4) Tickets to SofTech's Gadget Night in Marin on December 2, 2009
5) A pink 16 Gigabyte iPod Nano, etched with their company's logo.

What web sites, service or companies do you think are making the most headway in the direction of high-integrity, comprehensive news?

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