Monday, January 07, 2008

Social (Un)bookmarking

Social media was made for me. I have always favored personal bonds among colleagues and more often than not found it to strengthen the work created together. I have accounts at over 30 social networking sites. I Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Flickr and Blip. I chat on over half a dozen instant messaging clients. I write 4 blogs and echo each of those in excerpt or comment on many other web sites. I have several feed readers and foster relationships with influencers I respect to keep up with anything I might have missed.

My attention touches a lot of things and I like it that way. Some people feel that there is no intellect in the village, especially if the village is filled with idiots, but I disagree. We can learn much from this knowledge, about the variety of individual beliefs and collective views and about problem solving. So I'm a big fan, you can tell. But I want to raise a problem with social networking yet unsolved.

What's missing is the ability to socially "(un)bookmark" a topic. Now there are some smart guys out there, please will one of you build this? Here's what I need.

This is Clipmarks. This morning I was supposed to interview Clipmarks' CEO, Eric Goldstein, on Lisacast, my BlogTalkRadio show. I twittered the show and posted it on Facebook. I emailed my friends who don't social network. Show time came.

But he didn't show up.

This happens even to the best of us from time to time with live broadcasting and I cancelled the show for rescheduling. But...this is my reputation. So I had to go pull all of those posts down, rewrite my main blog about Clipmarks and send emails to several people.

What I want is a smart tool that will find all of the posts or notifications I made 1) within a time frame, 2) about a topic, 3) on multiple sites (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.). And 4) if the post was in the form of an email, this tool would generate a second email with something I have submitted in a text field one time, like this:

"Hey, sorry my show was cancelled today today. I'm certain that the reason Mr. Goldstein didn't call into the show was because of a very bad case of food poisoning or he had some type of CEO emergency. Please stay tuned.

Yours truly,

A while back I narrated a video project with Dan Gillmor and JD Lasica about correcting errors that are made online. This is one scenario, making an outright mistake. Surely corporations and individual contributors alike would see value in a tool that would help them clean up online posts for which they would like to limit visibility.

I think a tool that accomodates this requests would help people embrace social media without as much fear. After all, the Web is ours. We do with it what we will and part of that should include "undoing."

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