Friday, August 31, 2007

The beauty (and beast) of free speech

Robert Scoble, famed Microsoft blogger and current media executive of PodTech joins the recently launched Social Media Club talk show on Blogtalkradio, adding his name to the who's who of A-listers (and B, C, D, E etc.-listers) who seem drawn to Blogtalkradio.

Why? Because it extends and enriches the freedom of speech and audience connection elements of blogging, making it a live, interactive conversation.

Does this beautiful freedom come with some new challenges when letters to the editor become the editorial itself? What about credibility, fact-checking and authority. Who's authority? Exactly the topic of conversation on today's talk show:

Listen to: The Social Media Club Show, with guests from north to south and east to west, each of us with a firm opinion about the changing nature of editorial reach and credibility.

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