Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Innovation Journalism Conference May 21-23, 2007

Last night I met with one of my favorite people in the industry, humble ex-physicist David Nordfors, now running the Innovation Journalism department at Stanford University. Next week marks his 4th conference on journalism here in the Bay Area. Keynoted first by Doug Engelbart, who I saw many years ago at Parc, and is speaking here about the societal collective intelligence of society, will be moderated by John Markoff. Next, by Curtis Carlson, on the discipline of innovation (insert whip sound here). Mr Carlson is the president of SRI International. Check out the rest of the speakers here, you'll even find some familiar locals.

Mr. Nordfors, a best practice communication advocate aiming consistently for a program which will allow us to get more out of the event, is changing the format of this years conference slightly by extending the length of breaks and lunches. This way people can connect, which is the whole idea in the first place. As David left our meeting last night to see his son play in a band at the Apple store, I felt very excited about next week and how this, the 4th conference from the department, would be the best yet.

Lisa Padilla and Kjetil Storvik (Nordic Innovation Center: Oslo, Norway) at the Innovation Journalism Conference at Stanford University

I highly recommend reading the Innovation Journalism blog, where you'll find all kinds of interesting programs and a host of global participants dedicated to better journalism. And if you're interested in gathering post conference days with a surely interesting group of academic and journalist types, send me a note. The conference is May 21 - 23 next week.

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