Friday, October 13, 2006

Boyd on Office 2.0

Stowe Boyd is someone who attends a lot of conferences on technology, all around the world. He is widely regarded as an expert in social and business applications. I caught him for a few minutes to discuss his thoughts about the first annual Office 2.0 Conference (pictures here), it's relative success to similar conferences and the building and selling of enterprise software.

He raised a good question that wasn't covered at the conference and that was in essence "If we're talking about Office 2.0 software and that it's the future, what elements of Office 1.0 are not going to survive in the future enterprise?".

I was less enticed by the OpenID presentation and it's potential for adoption and more interested in the ideas IBM presented about longer-term document management and protection. Early adopters like Stowe and me, might be picking up one-off feature applications like signature managers or even, but we agreed that those will fold into larger solutions for the work place. I'd be interested in reader's thoughts - please comment.

Here's the interview: Stowe Boyd on Office 2.0.

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