Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ikanos and Doradus sitting in a tree, making better IPTV

Around this time last year. Ikanos sold 6.4 million shares of common stock at $12 per share to maintain a competitive position in its market space (IPTV).

Now, they have bring out a fifth-generation FX family of VDSL chipsets optimized for use with IPTV, believing that this will be the enabling technology to drive fiber first to the home while overall adoption of IP-centric storage and networking technologies will eventually do the same for fiber to the business.

I spoke with Jeff Schwartz, of Disruptive Strategies, who believes that fiber is still on top, beating out copper "every time". Mr. Schwartz is a person with more mobile knowledge than most and provides PR services to some lucky and up and coming businesses from here in the valley.

I recently read that Ikanos has entered into an agreement to acquire Doradus Technologies, a startup developer of digital signal processing technologies that can be used in areas such as IPTV.

Further research from the 451group says that:

"Ikanos believes that the advanced quality of service (QOS) that it has developed for its chipsets will be the differentiating technology for this market. It sees the home space merging with the business market, but says that the business sector is held back by lack of a killer application."

In January, the company said that they aim to provide significantly greater distances with their latest-generation VDSL2 chipsets and believe that they will open multi-tenant buildings to its broadband technology.

The relationship between IPTV and user-generated content is interesting. I'm looking forward to companies like Ikanos enabling the distribution and ease of access to new media.

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