Thursday, May 04, 2006

AlwaysOn pre-conference mixer

This is Vincent who provided me a sober conversation about some of the challenges of software building.

More commonly discussed at this conference (, this being the last day, has been the power of advertising and marketing and it's role beside software development, adoption and all of the journalism surrounding technology. The most fantastic discussion thus far and by far was with David Nordfors ( This current focus within journalism and within the ever-growing grassroots, user generated media is to me the most interesting thing happening in the industry.

I guess there are other discussions of interest right now, we still see content management or advertising conferences. But I feel a real fire inside the media meshing; the large, powerful and sometimes threatened traditional journalists and the perhaps more street aware, tapped in but less committment-oriented bl-/vl-/phloggers (photo bloggers).

I had the pleasure of speaking a bit with Steve Gilllmoore*, who let me know I am part of a great number of people who consistently and inconsistently mispell his name. Every time I meet this guy, I seem to leave the wrong impression. I can only hope he knows there is a best of me to be appreciated.

* At least I'm going to spell it like no one else does.

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